Sildenafil In Energy Tablets

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Sildenafil In Energy Tablets

Rules: Fill the grid so that every column and every row contains the letters A to C, D or E, as shown above the puzzle. The other cells stay empty. The letters at the border indicate which letter can be seen first from this border. So only empty cells but no other letter may be located before. The example on the side shows a solved puzzle with letters A to C and one empty cell per row and column.

Click the puzzles in order to get a PDF file in vector graphics quality.

For the solutions click the link at the bottom.

Sildenafil In Energy Tablets Puzzles
No 1 - easy
A - C, one empty cell
No 2 - easy
A - C, one empty cell
No 3 - medium
A - D, one empty cell
No 4 - medium
A - D, one empty cell
Sildenafil In Energy Tablets  #1 Sildenafil In Energy Tablets  #2 Sildenafil In Energy Tablets  #3 Sildenafil In Energy Tablets  #4
No 5 - hard
A - D, two empty cells
No 6 - hard
A - D, two empty cells
No 7 - evil
A - D, three empty cells
No 8 - evil
A - D, three empty cells
Sildenafil In Energy Tablets  #5 Sildenafil In Energy Tablets  #6 Sildenafil In Energy Tablets  #7 Sildenafil In Energy Tablets  #8